Selected writing

A friend of mine once wrote an academic article framing the disparate forms of my writing output as some kind of decolonial resistance against literary genre, as opposed to me just being easily distracted. Good for him.


‘Black Asian, White Asian’, in Towards a Grammar of Race in Aotearoa New Zealand, Arcia Tecun, Lana Lopesi & Anisha Sankar (Eds.), BWB, 2022 (excerpt here)
‘Lost in the Forest’ in We Are Here: An Atlas of Aotearoa, Chris McDowall & Tim Denee, Massey University Press, 2019.
‘After a Long Silence‘, in Life on Volcanoes, Janet McAllister (Ed.), Beatnik Publishing, 2019.
Race you there‘, Landfall Essay Prize co-winner, Landfall 208, November 2004. (reprinted in Great New Zealand Argument, Activity Press, July 2005).

Selected commentary

‘Red line‘, featured commentator on Radio New Zealand four-part podcast investigating China’s growing influence in New Zealand, June-July 2021.
Here is the big deal about Bridges’ ‘Chinese’ donations‘, New Zealand Herald, 19 Oct, 2018.
Various contributions, The Spinoff
Yellow Peril archive (Public Address), 2005-2007
‘This token has half-year validity’ – Selected Sunday Star-Times columns 2006, archived on The Wayback Machine from when both me and my website were a lot more fun.

Edited journals

‘Borderline’: Landfall, Autumn issue 211, May 2006.

Short fiction

Pants, too, should be optional – Honorable Mention in the Asian-American Writer’s Workshop fictional Gaokao contest, 2012. Marked down due to excessive obscenity.
‘No Shadow Kick’ in Lost in Translation: New Zealand Stories, Marco Sonzogni (Ed.), Random House, 2010.
‘Tunnel of Love’, Kyoto Journal issue 69, February 2008.
‘Daily Special’ in Best New Zealand Fiction 2, November 2005, Random House.
‘Hereditary Fiction: The Mok Tapes’, Meanjin, Autumn issue May 2004.
‘The Beach,’ Landfall, Spring issue 206, November 2003.


‘Lament of the Imperfect Copy of Ensign Harry Kim’, in Voyagers: Science Fiction Poetry from New Zealand, Eds. Mark Pirie and Tim Jones, 2009.
‘Whispers’ (a translation game with Yang Lian and Jacob Edmond), Landfall, Autumn issue 211, May 2006.
‘An Arabic Poetry Lesson in Jakarta,’ Best New Zealand Poems 2004, Institute of Modern Letters (online), March 2005 (originally published in Landfall, Autumn issue 207, June 2004).
‘A Czech Poetry Lesson in China’, ‘An Arabic Poetry Lesson in Jakarta’ & ‘KL Sunrise’, Landfall, Autumn issue 207, June 2004.
‘Three Represents for the Communist Party of China’s 16th National Congress’, Poetry New Zealand, issue 28, March 2004.
‘Reverse Engineer a Poem for Sport: Exploded Sestina’ & ‘Xia Yu’, Sport, Spring issue 29, October 2002.
‘Open Fire’, Eclect, August 2002.
‘Westward Ho!’, ‘There to where’ & ‘Jakarta Sestina’, JAAM, Spring issue 11, October 1999.
‘Hegel’s Holiday’, Trout, issue 4, Autumn 1998.

Reviews, arts interviews & features

‘The Beach’, short memoir of the the recording period of Caterpillar & Butterfly by The Tokey Tones in Soundtrack: 118 Great New Zealand Albums, Ed. Grant Smithies, 2007.
‘A place in the city’, backgrounder on the No Chinatown Auckland Triennial project by the Long March, Daniel Malone and Kah Bee Chow, Listener, 11 March 2007.
‘I am not a reality show: Fantasy Island, Survivor Island, Exile Island and the art of Kah Bee Chow’, Auckland Triennial Catalogue, March 2007
‘A look back in anger’, review of Mao: the Unknown story and interview with authors Jung Chang & Jon Halliday, Listener, 27 August 2005.
‘Mao’s trail of tears’, review of Mao: the Unknown Story by Jung Chang & Jon Halliday, The Dominion Post, 27 June 2005.
‘Never enough,’ review of Shalimar the Clown by Salman Rushdie, Listener, 15 October 2005.
‘The American keeps talking’, review of The Darling by Russell Banks, Listener, 5 February 2005.
‘Return of the King’, review of Tarzan Presley by Nigel Cox, Landfall 208, November 2004.
‘England’s Dreaming’ review of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke, Listener, 23 October 2004.
‘Swamp Thing’, review of Port Mungo by Patrick McGrath, Listener, 18 September 2004.
‘Sick bird of youth,’ review of The Book of Proper Names by Amelie Nothomb, Listener, 7 August 2004.
‘Chinatown,’ review of The Noodle Maker and interview with author Ma Jian, Listener, 5 June 2004.
‘Life is a box of Chocolat’, review of Jigs & Reels and interview with author Joanne Harris, Listener, 22 May 2004.
‘How to resurrect Rwanda’, review of A Sunday at the pool in Kigali by Gil Courtemanche, Listener, 13 March 2004.
The Worst Man in the World, ever, possibly’, review of Genghis Khan: Life, Death & Resurrection by John Man, Listener, 17 April 2004.
‘If it’s Tuesday it must be Chechnya’, review of four travel books including To Catch a Tartar by Chris Bird and Eight feet in the Andes by Dervla Murphy, Listener, 31 January 2004.

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